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Selfish is a yummy prebiotic soft drink that makes your taste buds happy and keeps your tummy healthy. It's okay to be selfish and put yourself first, enjoy!
Selfish contains prebiotic fibre from chicory root inulin that make your tummy feel great. Happy tummy happy life.
A prebiotic is a special kind of fibre that feeds the good bacteria in your gut and helps them stay healthy.
Probiotics are live bacteria that balance the gut flora which in turn supports your immunity and digestion. Prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of probiotics.
Prebiotics take care of your tummy, help with digestion, and make your tummy healthier overall by stimulating the growth and activity of probiotics.
You should aim for around 30 grams of fibre each day as per the Government Dietary Recommendations for an average adult. Selfish knows how to help you with that and contains 17% of the recommended daily amount. Learn more about fibre in our blog: Fiber for a Healthier You: Introduction to Gut-Friendly Pop (
Selfish is made from real fruit, chicory root inulin, carbonated water and lots of good vibes. It's a special mix that makes your taste buds happy and your tummy say, "Thank you!".
Nope, Selfish doesn't have any fake or natural sweeteners, none at all. We believe in keeping things natural and tasty without any sneaky stuff.
Selfish has <80 calories per 330ml can.The exact amount varies by flavour, it's a guilt-free treat you can enjoy.
Yes, Selfish is vegan-friendly. Vegan society approves.
You can find Selfish in places around Manchester and on our website. It's easy to get, whether you're out or chilling at home.
 If you want to sell Selfish in your shop, bar or restaurant just contact us, here:

At Selfish we do not use gluten-containing ingredients in our drinks. There are gluten ingredients (wheat and barley) present in the factory where we produce them, however, there is a very low chance of cross contamination which is why you will not find a 'may contain' statement on our labels.