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Being Selfish

We Are Selfish: Your New Gut Friendly Pop

We Are Selfish: Your New Gut Friendly Pop
Nicole Pope
Writer and expert11 months ago
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We Are Selfish: Your New Gut Friendly Pop

How much fibre do you think you should be getting a day? Now have a think about how many you think you’re getting. The NHS recommends getting at least 30g of fibre a day and 90% of the population don’t have enough fibre in their diet, meaning you could be one of them and Selfish is here to help you (1).  

So, who are we really? 

Selfish is your newest gut friendly soda based in Manchester, here to serve you on any occasion when all you need is a refreshing drink. But we don’t stop there. We don’t only look good but we’re good for the inside too. We’re all about you. Making sure you never feel like second best. 

What’s in our tasty drinks? 

Selfish is that tasty treat you crave to satisfy your sweet tooth but without that guilty feeling after. Our drinks are a blend of real fruit, inulin from chicory root and a whole lotta feel good to support your inner self.  

Find out more about our ingredients and fibre here:

Where can you find us? 

You can get your delicious cans of Selfish online and get it delivered anywhere in the UK or alternatively, you can also find us at multiple cafes, restaurants, gyms, offices and workout studios nationwide.  

Don’t forget to tag @selfishdrinks on Instagram and TikTok when you spot us at your favourite local go tos! 

Why Choose Selfish?   

We’re more than just a drink. Yes, we’re here to support your gut health but we’re also here to support your mental health. Selfish is all about promoting positivity and making sure you put yourself first, because being selfish shouldn’t make you feel guilty. 

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Nicole Pope
Writer and expert
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